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Come on board the ship of dreams.


The Bow – with stunning views you can truly appreciate.

There are countless ways of enjoying a beautiful day out on our ship. Just imagine for a moment that you’re standing on this wonderful bow. Or relaxing in a deckchair and enjoying the sunshine, the wind and the clear air. Chatting with good friends, looking out into the distance and raising a glass of champagne to the good things in life. Our bow is a tremendous place for you to savour unforgettable moments.

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The Wheelhouse – with Lake Constance ahead.

Standing on the bridge you’re immediately immersed in the fine art of navigation. With the wheelhouse acting as the nerve centre, each point of the compass in view and a firm hand on the wheel, Captain Adolf Franz Konstatzky and his crew steer the breathtaking steamship across the waters of Lake Constance with unbelievable precision, using instruments from a bygone age. Here, functionality and beauty form a wonderful symbiosis with each other.

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Lounge Deck

The Upper Deck – a beautiful place to stop and linger.

On hot summer days you can take a wonderful stroll and enjoy life in the shade below the white awnings of the Hohentwiel. So kick back and relax on our beautiful teak benches and classic deckchairs. Our bar is located right next to the striking funnel. The upper deck seats up to 110 people and offers unparalleled views in the warm summer months.

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Stern Lounge

The Stern Lounge – a masterpiece of art nouveau.

King Wilhelm II von Württemberg once dined in this splendid room with Count Zeppelin. It was originally designed by Prof. Pankok, architect to the Royal Court of Württemberg. Even today the ensemble made of bright, highly polished cherry wood and brown velvet still delights people with its solemn, majestic atmosphere. Here you too can wine and dine like a king as you follow the path of the waves and marvel at the breathtaking countryside around Lake Constance. The stern lounge has a total of 63 comfortable seats.

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Captain's Lounge

The Captain’s Lounge – radiating an intimate atmosphere on board.

Formerly known as the smoking lounge this room was once the sole preserve of gentlemen, a place where men would comment on world affairs as they puffed pleasurably on their cigars. Now called the Captain’s lounge, it has the shiny sleek look of exquisite, dark oak combined with red leather. The Captain’s lounge has eight seats and is particularly suitable for small groups or families. Needless to say, as in all lounges on the Hohentwiel, smoking is no longer permitted in this room.

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Steam Engine

The Steam Engine – elegance combined with power.

It’s not every day that you get to see such a pièce de résistance. The historic steam engine amidships attracts everyone’s attention with its 950 hp. Gleaming piston rods, levers, crank handles and valves vibrate for all they’re worth. The Hohentwiel plies its way across the whole lake at a maximum speed of 16.7 knots. Behind various portholes you can catch a glimpse of the amazingly powerful paddle wheels, painted in red, which turn tirelessly in the water on both sides of the engine room.

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Amidships – a very special place to be.

Our entrée is also a very special place to get really close to the ship. Here you can feel the fascination of a steam ship at close quarters. Sit down on our beautiful mahogany benches, marvel at the many details and listen to the steam engine as it makes its gentle movements.

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Bow Lounge

The Bow Lounge – noblesse oblige.

Our extremely elegant bow lounge offers places for up to 30 people and is appointed with elaborate mahogany panelling, wonderful details and exclusive leather upholstery. You could easily think you’ve been transported back to the classic days of luxury cruise liners. Portholes add a particularly nautical touch to the room and enable you to gain a romantic view of the water rushing past.

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A cruise on the Hohentwiel is indeed a unique experience. We were impressed by the great care lavished on us as guests. It was a superb night.

Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH