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A delight for each one of the senses.

The Hohentwiel is a synthesis of the arts, a special place which exudes exceptional magic and history. One hundred years ago, the upper echelons of society assuredly knew the art of fine dining on board. Heino Huber is the new rising star in the Hohentwiel kitchen. Together with his professional team, he has been conjuring up sublime culinary creations since 2011. All fine fare endeavours are prepared directly in the new kitchen at the Hohentwiel jetty. Anything that cannot be prepared in advance is given the perfect finish on board. The kitchen only accepts what will grace the table. Wherever possible, ingredients for the Hohentwiel kitchen are also sourced from local producers. Heino and his team like to maintain good personal contacts with fishermen, meat suppliers, fruit and vegetable farmers as well as wine growers around Lake Constance. High quality and freshness of the produce as well as careful preparation are important. Heino himself is best placed to describe the creative forces that drive him and his team on to ever greater accomplishments: “We're not swimming against the current. We prefer to create our own sea of options.”

The atmosphere on board with the champagne reception, strudel buffet and delicious dinner really helped our guests relax. The nightcap and opportunity to experience the Hohentwiel below deck were the crowning climax to the cruise.

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