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Hard Bregenz Lochau-Kaiserstrand Lindau Wasserburg Nonnenhorn Kressbronn Langenargen Friedrichshafen Immenstaat Hagnau Meersburg Uhldingen Überlingen Sipplingen Bodman Insel Mainau Konstanz Altnau Romanshorn Rorschach Lustenau-Rheindamm Arbon
Kaiserstrand in Lochau
When Emperor Karl I and his wife Zita visited Lake Constance in 1917, they also paid a visit to the Kaiser-Strand-Palast-Hotel (the Imperial Strand Palace Hotel) in Lochau. “It is indeed the most beautiful beach in Austria,” pronounced the Emperor as he gazed upon the lake. The jetty on the Kaiserstrand in Lochau is a new highlight on the Austrian shore of Lake Constance. After two years of construction, it was finally completed in July 2010: precisely one hundred years after its premiere, the “Seehotel am Kaiserstrand” was re-opened with a bathhouse as well as a new jetty for boats.
Bild Lochau.jpg
Wasserburg's emblem is its picturesque peninsula, the site of the Church of St. George, Wasserburg Castle and the Malhaus (formerly a courthouse, today a museum).
This is also where you'll find the pier from which passenger ships set out for Lindau, Bregenz, Konstanz and Rorschach as well as the harbour for fishing vessels and sports boats. From Wasserburg you have a unique view of the mountains of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria.
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Surrounded by orchards and vineyards, the idyllic wine-growing town of Nonnenhorn invites visitors to take part in numerous leisure activities. It is an ideal point of departure for interesting excursions enriched with cordial hospitality, tranquillity and an enchanting landscape.
Bild Nonnenhorn.jpg
Langenargen is an attractive family holiday resort in a quiet setting located directly on Lake Constance between the famous towns of Friedrichshafen and Lindau. Without a doubt, the municipality of Langenargen is one of the most attractive and famous tourist sites on Lake Constance. This is due, last but not least, to the almost four km long shoreline of Lake Constance, which always offers plenty of surprises.
Bild Langenargen.jpg
Framed by three castles and magnificent vineyards and orchards, Immenstaad is centrally situated right on Lake Constance. The state-certified health resort offers a wide range of sports and leisure facilities, extensive cycling and hiking trails, scheduled boat services as well as high recreational value to its residents and visitors.
Bild Immenstaad.jpg
The history of Hagnau is inseparably linked to wine-growing. Hagnau is well known for its extensive wine-growing areas. This traditional fishing and wine-producing village on the shore of Lake Constance looks truly idyllic all year round. A haven of peace and tranquility – especially in the high season.
Bild Hagnau.jpg
Uhldingen-Mühlhofen is situated on the northern shore of Lake Constance. A special attraction is the "pile-dwellings" museum in Unteruhldingen. This famous open-air museum showcases archaeological finds and reconstructions of stilt villages from the Stone and Bronze ages. It attracts many visitors each year, as does the Birnau basilica, a pilgrimage church famous for its rich Baroque decorations.
Bild Uhldingen.jpg
Charming Sipplingen was first inhabited a long, long time ago and is surrounded by fascinating nature reserves as well as areas of protected landscape, dramatic cliffs and beautiful promenades on Lake Constance. Historical ravines and forest paths alternate with orchards in bloom and frequently breathtaking views.
Bild Sipplingen.jpg
Mainau Island
Visitors to Lake Constance can't afford to miss out on this experience. Mainau is the third largest island on Lake Constance and is one of the main tourist attractions of the region; its famous flowers and plants are known far and wide. It can be reached from the south shore across a bridge and also has its own jetty. Since 1974 Mainau Island has belonged to the non-profit Lennart Bernadotte Foundation established by Count Lennart Bernadotte.
Bild Insel-Mainau.jpg
Located on the southern shore of Lake Constance, Altnau is well known for its splendid orchards and Switzerland's first fruit nature trail. The nine-kilometre long circular route leads you through the orchards and explains how Altnau apples start out as blossoms and end as fruit. Since 2010 Altnau can also boast the longest jetty on Lake Constance – which measures a good 270 metres in length because of the extensive shallow water zone.
Bild Altnau.jpg
The Rhine Dam at Lustenau
The traditional Rheinbähnle, a historic steam train that was once used in the construction of the Rhine rectification, takes you in delightful comfort to the landing stage at the Lustenau-Rheindamm. When you see the Hohentwiel moored there, inviting you to embark on a cruise, you feel transported back to the days of the Emperor. Very rarely do you get to see so much splendid nostalgia. A memorable experience for the whole family.
Bild Lunchfahrt_Rhein-Schauen.jpg
The town of Arbon with its fascinating history is set in marvellous natural surroundings. Visitors are constantly enthralled by the historic town centre featuring well preserved and meticulously restored houses, and by the lakefront, over 3 km long, which is lined with paths, parks and restaurants. An open air cinema, interesting museums, galleries and lots of events are further sources of the varied entertainment on offer.
Bild Hafen Arbon_Stadt Arbon.jpg

An impressive ship with a lot of style and lovingly restored. A great atmosphere to cruise on a paddle steamer towards the sunset. The crew, the captain, crew and the ship’s cook all delighted us in equal measure.

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